Warrick Co. Farmer’s Market moving to the Boonville Square!

I don’t know about you, but I am excited by the recent news that the Warrick Co. Farmer’s Market will be moving from the Boonville Library to the historic downtown Square beginning the first weekend in June (6/6/15). It will provide the market with visibility from all directions and greatly increase morning foot traffic for all of the merchants around the Square. This is yet another step in creating a healthy and vibrant downtown area that the entire community can enjoy. Just think of the potential that these Saturday mornings hold.

I can picture it now….breakfast at Yesterdaze or a quick bite from the 2nd St. Bakery followed by a walk around the market to pick out fresh fruit, veggies, and baked goods. Once I’m done, I visit the shops around the Square for any number of things: Village Mercantile for quilting supplies, Shabby Sheek for a great piece of furniture, Hutchinson’s for that extra special birthday or anniversary gift. Next, I round the corner to see what Nancy Jo’s, Bargain Mart, the Swap Shop, and the Sewing Center have to offer. After that, I stop by the pocket park to relax and bite into one of those juicy peaches that I just bought from the Lakeview Orchard truck. I may also walk over and visit the Warrick Co. Museum and learn more about our local history. Finally, I return to Miller’s 5&10 and my favorite part of the day: serving the others who are out shopping just like me.

This is awesome. The Square as an experience. The Square as a destination. The Square as it should be.

But it doesn’t happen without your support. Here are some things you can do:

  1. For the next couple of months, let your family and friends know that the market is moving. Don’t let them show up at the Library on June 6th and think that there is no more Farmer’s Market!
  1. Help “grow” the market. A great Farmer’s Market has lots of diversity. It is in need of more vendors to broaden the range of products sold. If you know of someone with a farm or garden, that bakes fresh goods, or that sells handmade crafts who is interested in making some extra money, have them visit the Warrick Co. Farmer’s Market website (https://extension.purdue.edu/Warrick/Pages/article.aspx?intItemID=10020) and register.
  1. Continue to shop local. Once you are done getting your fresh produce, visit the local business that are just a few short steps away. You don’t have to visit or buy from them all every week, but when you do I think you will be happily surprised at the uniqueness, selection, and competitive pricing as compared with some of the larger chain stores.
  1. Get those great ideas out in the open. There are so many groups who want the Boonville Square to be successful – the local merchants, Boonville Now, Boonville Merchant’s Association, City Hall, the Warrick Co. Commissioner’s Office, and the list goes on. They all want to hear your ideas on how to improve the downtown experience and create a family friendly environment. Let them know what you think!

Success breeds success. With your help, the Boonville Square will continue to grow and thrive!

Hope to see you there,